Research & Study

Metastatic Brain Tumor Study

Pilot Study Evaluating the Feasibility of Real-Time, Magnetic Resonance Thermal Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Laser Induced Thermal Therapy for Treatment of Metastatic Brain Tumors

Protocol Description

The goal of this clinical research study is to learn about an experimental surgical treatment device called the Visualase Thermal Therapy System. This device uses laser-generated heat to kill tissue cells and is guided using magnetic resonance thermal imaging (MRTI). This device is approved to be used in surgery, but the way in which it is used for this research is experimental. In this study, the Visualase Thermal Therapy System will be used on metastatic brain tumors that cannot be removed by surgery. Researchers want to find out if it is possible to use this new device in subjects with 1-3 metastatic brain tumors, each measuring 3 cm or smaller. The safety of the device will also be studied.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients with metastatic brain tumors

Primary Investigator(s)

Michael Schulder, MD

Contact Information

Pamela Kribs
(516) 562-3058