• Strabismus Awareness

    Strabismus Awareness mission is to make sure no child live with an undetected eye conditions. We educate the general public about the condition and the treatment options. We work with legislative to change the standard in school to make mandatory every child receives a eye exam by an ophthalmologist. With donation we are able to accomplish this goal.

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  • 2014 Events

    Our 2014 events consist of Walks,Runs,Bowling and Our Annual Fundraising Gala. To be apart of our events as a Guest, Volunteer or Sponsor. Visit our Event Page for more info.

  • Amblyopia Eye Patch Club

    The Amblyopia Eye Patch Club is a place to create awareness about Amblyopia. Let this be the placed you can share your stories, find helpful information and resources for you child. Including fun activites, apps you can use to help with therapy and great give aways for you and your family.

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501C3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization

We Bring Awareness By Providing Solutions and Programs That Will Empower Today's Youth

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By giving back we are able to support research projects near and far. Research helps us fill in the gaps and gives us better treatment options and a ways to find a cure.

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FAN CAMP is will launch Summer 2014 this program will allow us to provide fun, education, healthy living tips for you and their families.

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Our support group are like having a second family that supports you and understands your pain, challenges of living with these conditions.

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Our events is a way to give back to bring awareness and fund our programs. Check out a list of 2014 Events

About Us

Your Eyes Are Your Heart was founded in 2007 by Tiffany Womack. It’s is her mission to establish an organization that will educate, empower, and enhance the lives of the people living with brain tumors, strabismus and amblyopia. Over the years we have accomplish this goal by providing trusted support groups and programs that enhance the live of those in our community.

Are You Ready To Help Yeah Inc ?

Donate to Brain Tumor/Strabismus Awareness
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Donate to Yeah Youth Learning Center/FAN CAMP
The purpose of this program is to keep children active during the summer break. The Yeah Youth Learning Center & Fan Camp will allow today youth the opportunity to focus on math and reading tutoring with a mentor. They will also be able to join Fan Camp where our goal is educate the whole family about the importance of portion control, balancing all food groups and proper nutritional principal through awareness. With our Cooking with Kids Program we will teach families how to eat fun healthy nutritious meals Students and families will learn the principles of healthy eating to fight and prevent obesity in children. Through our planned summer activities our program is designed to make sure children are understand who health living is also fun. The FAN Camp program is funded by registration fees for camper; donation and a send a kid to camp fundraisers that will help operate the program.
Many of you have a WordPress administrator username set as Admin because when you install for the first time on your machine you stuck with this default username.